Take a well deserved break !

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break…a delicios one…to feel, touch, be in harmony with the  flavors’splendor. Isn’t it great to have in your soul a state of peace and balance, being able to integrate the calculated consciousness with the unconscious valances? Hard to reach this stage of maturation, but at least we should try to see things beyond form, aspect or cliché, to focus our believes on the content and the underlying meaning…

I heard, read, saw, that time heals wounds and we should let him to decide in our favour…cycles are closed without or with our will, so we are amazed by the evolution of the things…and we put the question ,,What if I could change the flow facts?,,…do what you consider is better for you, or think out of the box. Was a song from Bobby McFrerrin that I really love…,,Don’t worry, be happy!,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU&ob=av3e

It’s so true ! Always we are caught in a continuous gear, rush, agitation, stress..and for what? Come on…relax…with solution oriented thinking, tonic  attitude and little native intelligence…at least that’s how I lie myself ! 🙂

I thought all of that when I tasted these distinguished cakes, at Demel, in Vienna…was so funny, because was full inside..and near me were some norwegian noisy  girls, and they asked me what is the name of the marvellous cake, what is containing…and the only thing I wanted to tell them was ,, Forget about the details and let’s just eat ! ,, 🙂

And remember… aint got no cash, aint got no style,aint got no gal to make you smilebut don’t worry, be happy !

Cheers !